Selecting the right domain extension for your website

There are a number of domain extensions available, so make sure that you will select the right one as per your business and area requirement.

  1. .com

It is the first preference in general, as it can be used for any type of website and for any purpose.

  1. .net

It is used for networking companies, such as telecommunication and IT sector.

  1. .org

It is used for non-profit organizations websites such as trusts, hospitals, NGO’s etc

  1. .pk

It is used for companies having business only in Pakistan


It is used for Multi-National Companies (MNC’s) having business in Pakistan apart fromother countries.


It is used only for educational institutes such as universities

  1. .info

It is used for informational website.

  1. .biz

It is used for any business website.

So, before selecting the domain extension for your website, make sure that it will best match with your type of business. Hope, this article will help you in the selection process. If you have any question, feel free to ask